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8/5Warm Up:Foam RollPlanksStrength:3 Pause Squat Snatch 20-30 Sec Hang Tuck Hold4 roundsWOD:24-21-18-15-12-9-6-3Alt.Renegade Rows 35/50# Alt...

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8/4Warm Up:5 minutes banded mobilitythen:6 Bear to Bridges5 Banded External Rotations4 Deck Squats3 roundsStrength:Bench Press 5x5run 100m After each...

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8/3Warm Up:10 Alt. Cossack Squats with Rotation 5 Side Plank Clam Shells (each)25 Jump Jacksx3Strength:Front Squat 3x4Monster Band Lateral Walk...

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