"Sharpe Fittness is a place where you actually look forward to working out. They are my team, my family, my support, my friends, and the positive energy that keeps me going and makes it impossible to quit."

" I went to the dentist this morning wearing black capri pants I bought at the beginning of the summer. They were literally falling off me. I bought a new pair on my way to work. Thank you so much! I've been having a great time at cross-fit! I really enjoy the experience and appreciate the support of you, Brandy, Cat and Tom!"

"Soon after I proposed to my girlfriend I noticed the extra training she was benefitting from by the daily training with Brandie. While I have been an avid surfer most of my life, I had never worked out before and had no idea where to start (and honestly was a little intimidated of the gym.) Brandie was amazing from the moment I walked in her gym. She made me feel comfortable and at home like I had been weight training my entire life. Not only did I look and feel great with my wife on our wedding day but I also feel stronger and quicker and more flexible while surfing."

"I am so grateful to have Brandy around! I do CrossFit at least four times a week and having Brandy to work out the inevitable knots and sore muscles is incredible. She is one of the most intuitive and caring masseuses I have ever gone too. I can't describe how restored and relaxed I feel after only 60 minutes with her, she's truly phenomenal at what she does. She has strong hands, but is always very conscious about ensuring that the pressure during the massage is just right. She's amazing! I wish I could go to her every week!"

"I have been training CrossFit on and off for about a year but consistently for the past two months. I noticed that my muscles were more sore frequently and took a while to recover. I saw Brandy for the first time and she helped tremendously loosen up my tightness throughout my body. After her massage my workouts are better than ever and my recovery time has shortened a great deal thanks to Brandy."

"Expect nothing less than amazing. Brandy Adams is the best. Because she's certified in both Massage Therapy and CrossFit, she really knows how to find your tight muscles and knots. She maximizes her skills to figure out how to release your pain, soreness and increase mobility. She's got gentle hands which may be deceiving but she really gets into deep pressure points and stretches so that you feel awesome afterwards. I've already gone to her 5-6 times now and highly recommend her. Great massage, great personality and great service! Book a package!"

"Personalization. That's what I love about Sharpe Fitness and CrossFit La Jolla. From doing the CrossFit WOD that Brandie adapts just for me to my personal training sessions that take my injuries into consideration to the stretch class on Friday with Cindy where she chooses a routine that works for everyone in our small group. Personalization. That's what keeps me coming back to Sharpe Fitness!"

"My trainer Brandie Sharpe is a genius. I have a fractured back (spondylolisthesis) and had debilitating sciatic pain with foot numbness. I was a candidate for spinal fusion at the L4 and L5. My life changed when I started working out with a trainer who gave me a rehab program that was tailored to my unique set of challenges. She was able to help me stabilize my spine by building up my back muscles, glutes, and core. Besides regaining 95 percent of my function, I am physically stronger and look pretty damn good. I have continued to work out with Brandie, because she is truly gifted in her ability to spot imbalances in my musculature and prescribe corrective exercises so that I can maintain an active lifestyle."

"I first started training with Brandie, owner of Sharpe Fitness, when I made the professional football team, San Diego Seduction. Although I excelled in multiple sports in high school and college, I knew I was going to need to step up my game for this new challenge that lay ahead. Brandie was nothing short of exceptional. Her daily excitement, enthusiasm to kick my ass, and push me to the next level coupled with her knowledge of intense physical fitness training allowed me to achieve my goals to become stronger, quicker, and mentally tougher. While the other girls on the team and in the league were much younger, bigger, and more experienced, I won a starting position on both offense and defense during my rookie year. Thanks to Brandie's continuous support on and off the football field I had a successful season and one of the best experiences of my entire life."

"I had been training with Brandie for a couple years when my fiance and I set a wedding date. As I was already in great shape from Brandie's daily beat down, my new goal was to become leaner and in the best shape of my life for the day I walked down the aisle. Even after training with Brandie for 4-5 days a week for the last couple years, she constantly researched and brainstormed new fun and exciting methods of training which never let the sessions become dull or repetitive. Not only did she help me burn calories and lean out but her knowledge of nutrition was also a huge benefit in slimming down to look great in my wedding dress. In addition, her intense cardio training, upbeat attitude, and motivating vocal skills helped relieve everyday wedding planning stress. Brandie, I thank you and my husband thanks you for making me "the hottest bride ever."


"When I go to Brandy I am usually really sore. After my hour massage with her I always notice a remarkable difference in my recovery from her amazing touch. She's really good at identifying trouble areas and honing in on that area to provide relief and it takes me a few minutes to peel myself off her warming bed after she has finished doing her magic on me. She is incredibly welcoming so you feel like you can talk to her about anything, which helps to create the extremely relaxing and comfortable environment during her massages. And for that experience, her prices can't be matched in all of SD."

Crossfit Level I Certified - Brandy talks about her love for CrossFit and Sharpe Fitness and how it has impacted her life.

"I'm 32 years old, married, we have a ~1yr old boy, and I'm a proud stay at home mom. About 4 months ago my husband suggested I meet with Catherine Cox, a CFLJ trainer, in hopes she could help with my ongoing back problems. I've been battling back pain for years and this past March I had my worst "flare-up" to date. After a month of being confined to a bed, 6 weeks of physical therapy and numerous trips to the chiropractor I was still unable to take care of my son and resume the life I desired. more Thankfully, I finally made an appointment with Catherine. During my first appointment she listened to me, studied my medical history and laid out a plan to help reduce my pain and strengthen my core. After only a couple of months I was able to squat deeper than I ever have and my pain was significantly reduced. What makes Catherine so special is she not only strives to help my back, she also strives to help my spirit and confidence. I have worked with dozens of professionals over the years trying to determine the cause of my pain and methods to heal, but no one has helped me as much as Catherine. Prior to my flare-up this past March I signed up to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day here in San Diego. My heart sank because I assumed I wouldn't be able to walk, BUT I'm proud to say that with Catherine's help, support and guidance this November I walked every step of that 60 miles."

"On my trip to San Diego a friend told me to go to her(Brandy's) workout on the beach and it was brutal but it was a blast. Afterwards, I needed to get a some maintenance after a rough week of travel and the beach workout. As a Trainer/Therapist, Brandy was able to relieve my pain and soreness in my psoas and calves with ease. If you are at Sharpe Fitness, I highly recommend stopping by and getting a session in with Her. Brandy is not only a great trainer but an awesome therapist!"

"I never liked working out. As a team sport athlete all my life, I've always enjoyed the competition of the game but never a big fan of the gym. Somehow it's different here. The trainers customize things to fit the individual or the group and you can compete if you want or do your own thing... It's the best of both worlds."

"Great tailored workouts that build strength and flexibility. Brandie has a great personality, drives my workouts, and has fixed shoulder/back problems that nagged me for many years. "

"You don't come back for more, week in and week out for 15 years if your personal trainer isn't the best! Brandie is as good as they come!"

I am a 52 year old woman and have been working out with Brandie for almost 10 years. I have never been in better shape or this physically fit. Two years ago I had a hip replacement. Because I went in to the surgery so strong, the physical therapist put me back in Brandie's capable hands two weeks early. Since then I have been "rehabbed" by her and I am stronger than ever. Because she is so knowledgeable and attentive, she creates workouts specifically for me that strengthen but do not exceed my physical limitations. And she's fun to hang out with!

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