• Warm Up:
  • 200m Run
  • 2 Wall Walks
  • 10 Tuck Ups
  • 5 Slow Decent HSPU
  • x4
  • WOD:
  • 10 ALT KB Push Press
  • 15 KB Swings
  • 10 HSPU (or strict)
  • 10 T2B
  • 20min AMRAP


Warm Up:Roll the Dice - 15 minutesWOD:Tabata This!Single Arm PlankPush UpsSquatsSit UpsBurpees


4/1Warm Up:Single Arm Farmers Carry 50/50Wall Sit 30 Secs15 Frog Pumps with DB on HipsHollow Hold 30 Secsx2Strength:Deadlift 10x3Rope Climbs...


3/31Warm Up:15/15/15/15 - Single leg Jump Rope10-15 Ring Rows10/10 Elbow Scratcher Plankx2Strength:10-20 Floor Seated Barbell Press10-20 Bent Over Row...


3/30Warm Up:Coaches callStrength:Front Squat 6x4**Side Plank - Feet on Box 20/20WOD:800m Run40 Ab Mat Sit Ups25 Back Squats (135/95)25 Burpee Box...


3/28Warm Up:200m Run5 1/2 Pull Ups5 Inchworms5 Kip Swings10 MB Squats3 roundsStrength:Push Press 5x5WOD:10 Pull Ups15 T2B20 Push Ups25 Wall Ball15min...


3/26Warm Up: Group Pick - 15 minutesPartner CHIPPER:120 Deadlift (200/150) - or what is moderately heavy for team1200/1000m Rowing80 KB Swings60 DB...


3/25Warm Up:200m Run20 Wall Ball Clusters30 Squatsx2Strength:Back Squats 8x3WOD:3 RFT10 Cleans & Jerks (105/155)30 Lunge Hops12min CAP


3/24Warm Up:Coaches Call Active MobilityWOD:30min AMRAP100m Farmers Carry50/50m DB/KB Single Arm OH Carry300m RunRest 2 minsFinisher:100 T2B


3/23Warm Up:5 DB Inchworms10 DB Thrusters15 Hollow Rocksx3Strength:Thrusters 5x5WOD:5 Strict DB Seated Press10 DB Alt.Renegade Rows15/12 Cal Assault...


3/22Warm Up:Foam Roll 5 Minutes then:6 Perfect lunges5 Inchworms20 Ab Mat Sit ups100 Single Jump Ropesx2Strength:False Grip Ring Rows 8-10Kip Swings...


3/21Warm Up:100m Jog21 KB Swings100m Jog15 Strict Push Ups100m Jog9/9 Front Rack Lunges x2Strength:Push Press 8x3WOD:21-15-9Wall BallKB...


Warm Up:1 min Each x2Inchworms w 2 Push UpsBooty Band ClamsSide PlankScorpionsStrength WOD:8-10 Reps x 3-4 setsDouble KB DLBarbell Step UpsBent Over...


3/18Partner MB Warm Up:Job Block 20 Squat Pass MB10/10 Side Toss20 MB Sit Ups10/10 High Plank MB RollStrongman WOD:Yoke CarrySled PushTire...


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