• Warm Up:
  • HIp/Lat Mobility
  • then:
  • 100m Jog
  • 10/10 Sec Single Arm hang on bar
  • 20 Down Dog to Toe Tap
  • x2
  • Partner WOD:
  • 400m Row, Run or 30/24 Cals Assault Bike
  • 20 Burpee Pull Ups
  • 20 DB Box Step overs
  • 10 RFT (shared)


Warm Up:20 Banded Face Pulls20 Squats20 Hollow Rocks200m Rowx3WOD:Strongman Circuit!Yoke Carry/Farmers CarrySled Push/PullAtlas Bag/Sand Bag Over the...


Warm Up:10 Banded Shoulder Pass Throughs10 Banded OHS10 Banded See Saws5 Inchworms10 MB Squat Cleansx2then :Barbell Clean Warm UpStrength:Clean &...


Warm Up:Gymnastics - Muscle Up DrillsStrength:Bench Press 5x5**30 Sec L-Sit Hold on RingsWOD:400m Run21 Push Ups12 Toes 2 Rings3RFT


Warm Up:Hip Flexor Stretchthen:2 setsKB HalosPlank TapsStar FishWaiter Hold Reverse LungesKB WindmillsWOD:Every Minute for 30 minutes1. Farmers...


11/29Warm Up:Jog BlockActive MobilityWOD:10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1Back SquatSplit Lunges (each leg)Dragon Fly'sFinisher:Stretch


Turkey Burn WOD:5 RFT5 Pull 10 Push Ups15 Squatsrest 5 minutes4 RFT8 HSPU16 KB Swingsrest 4 minutes 3RFT15 Box Jumps15 K2Erest 3...


11/247am Class Today - Closed Thursday and FridayWarm Up:Coach LedSkill Circuit:Hand Stand Holds - WalksWall climbsRing RowsBack ExtensionsL-Sit...


11/23Coach Led Warm Up - CoreStrength:Back Squat 3-3-3-2-2-2WOD:20 Burpees30 Wall Ball40 DU's20 Sit Ups3RFT


11/22Warm Up:Active Mobility - Coach LedWOD:400m Run40 Squats30 KB Swings20 Push Ups10 T2B4RFT


Warm Up:Group PickStrength:Partner Deadlift - 3 rep max Partner WOD:I go - You go 20 Rounds12 Single DB Front Alt Lunges (35/50)9 Alt Hang power...


11/19Warm Up:500m Row+3 Rounds10 KB Swings10 Double Push Up Burpee10 V-UpsStrength:DB Chest PressBuild to Heavy 5 RepWOD:14min AMRAP20 DU's:20 sec...


11/18Warm Up:Coach Led Mobility DrillsStrength:Snatch ComplexHigh Hang SnatchHang SnatchSnatch15min  - find good #WOD:2 rope climbs6 Strict Push...


Warm Up:Jog Blockthen 2 sets:Inchworms with push UpReverse Lunge with TwistPlank WalkSit Up with Ball TossStrength:Strict press 3-3-2-2-1-1WOD:60...


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