• Warm Up:
  • Tabata Rounds - perform 4 rounds of each 
  • rest 2 minutes between rounds
  • Ski Erg 
  • Assault Bike
  • Row
  • WOD:
  • 50 DU's
  • 20 SDHP KB
  • 20 Anchored Sit Ups
  • 20 KB Swings
  • 4RFT


20.1 Games WOD10 Rounds for Time8 Ground-to-Overheads (95/65 lb)10 Bar Facing BurpeesTime Cap: 15 minutesPrior to starting the workout, the athlete...


Warm Up:Mobility and Active DrillsPractice/Strategize:Ground to Over HeadBar over BurpeesWOD:500m Row25 Squats25 Sit Ups25 Ball Slams4 RFT


Warm Up:200m Run10 KB Front Rack KB (5/5)5 HandStand Hold with Scapula Retraction2-5 Strict Negative T2B1-2 Rope Climbs4 roundsStrength:Bent Over...


Warm Up:21-15-9DB ThrustersPush UpsSit UpsSkill/Fun:Yoke Carries and Heavy MB Toss OversWOD:21-15-9KB SwingsBurpeesDU's


10/8Warm Up:Coaches Call Strength:Ground to Overhead BarBell Cycling1 Strict Press3 Push Press5 Push Jerk5 sets - increase in weight...


Warm Up:3/3 TGU25 Banded Bridges25 Sit Upsx3Strength:Back Squat3/3/3/3/3WOD:10 cal assault bike15 Plate/Plate Squats20 Plate OH Walking Lunges30 Torso...


Warm Up:Active Mobilitythen:10 DB Thrusters20 KB Swings30 DU's or 60 singlesx3WOD:Games WOD 14.4AMRAP in 14 minutes60 calorie Row50 Toes-to-Bars40...


10/4    Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Push Press 3-3-3-3-3From FloorWOD:Tabata This!BurpeesSit UpsPush UpsDU'sHollow or...


Warm Up:Active MobilityGlute ActivationShoulder StabilizationStrength:DB Split Snatch 6x3WOD:400m Run20 Front Rack DB Squats20 DB Alt Renegade...


Warm Up:1 min Ball Slams1 min Ball Sit Ups1 min Wall Squatx3Strength:Sumo Stance Deadlift5x5WOD:1000 m Row90 Walking Lunges80 Sit Ups60 Swings40 Push...


Warm Up:Coaches Call - Active Mobility and GamesSet up and discuss strategy for WODWOD:Games Open 16.120min AMRAP25-ft. overhead walking lunge 8...


Warm Up:250m Row20 MB Squat Cleans20 Plank Shoulder Tapsx3Strength:Squat Clean3-3-3-3WOD:15 Wall Ball10 HSPU15 WB Sit Ups10 TTB15min AMRAP


Warm Up:Active Mobility10,9,8..1KB SwingsSit UpsWOD:20min AMRAP15 DB/KB Push Jerks20 Alt Weighted Step Ups30 Box Dips


9/27Warm Up:Coaches CallMU PracticeWOD:50-40-30-20-10Wall Ball GHD Sit Ups


Warm Up:1 minute each - 2 roundsJump RopeKB Swing with High PullBall Slam ShuffleBox Walk AroundWOD:800m Run40 Push Ups40 DB Power Snatch (35/50#)800m...


Warm Up:Coaches CallPractice PistolsStrength:Back Squat 6x5WOD:15min AMRAP12 TTB24 Goblet Squats12 Burpees


9/24Warm Up:200m Run5 Man Makers3RFTStrength:Hang Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat6 cyclesFun:Sled Pulls/PushesYoke Carry


9/23Warm Up:Coaches CallMuscle Up DrillsStrength:Back Squat6x5WOD:15min AMRAP12 TTB24 Goblet Squats12 Burpees


9/21Warm Up:Games - Coaches CallWall WalksStrict K2EStrength:Snatch5 Rep HeavyWOD:2rounds8 Snatch (175/125)8 Burpee Bar Overs 2rounds8 Snatch...


9/20Warm Up:1 mile runPractice:HSPU WOD:20min AMRAP10/10 KB Clean + Reverse Lunge **(10 each leg - no alternating)20 Push Ups8/10 Cal Assault...


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