• 9/25
  • Warm Up:
  • Work out the kinks from the week
  • then:
  • 1 min
  • Jump Rope
  • Leg Kicks
  • Duck Walk
  • Lunges
  • x2
  • Skill:
  • High Box Jump 3x4
  • 30 sec Plank Hold after each set 
  • WOD:
  • 1 min each
  • Box Jumps
  • Plank with Band Pulls
  • Box Dips
  • Plank Jump Jacks
  • Box Pistols
  • Opp Hand Foot Sit Ups


9/24Warm Up:Hip & Shoulder mobilizingthen:2-3 rounds6 Half Kneeling Press each arm8 Heavy MB Squats10 Hollow Banded Pull DownsStrength:Dip Squat...


9/23Warm Up:Active Mobility - Foam RollStrength:DB Bench Press5x5WOD:8 KB Halos10 KB Goblet Squats8 Press each side15 Swings8 Bent over rows each...


9/22Warm Up:a:Rowing Technique (10 arms, 10 legs, 10 full pull)b:15 Sec Pigeon pose on box each side + 10 sec ring holdSkill:3 rounds5 Single...


9/21Warm Up:Active Mobility & Foam RollingSkill:6-12 Parallete Push Ups15-20 sec Ring Tuck Hold6 Ring Plank Extensions12min...


9/19Warm Up:Active MobilityWarm Up 2:200m Run with MB10 MB Sit Upsx2WOD:"Nasty Nancy"  CF Games 2020 Event400m Run15 OH Squats (65/95)15 Bar...


9/18Warm Up:Active mobility & Plank GameSkill:Yoke CarrySled PushSand Bag or Heavy Ball over shoulderWOD:Bike 600 + 21 ball slamsBike 600 + 21...


9/17Warm Up:3 Rounds for Quality150m Row5 Med Ball Single Leg DL each leg5 Single Leg Squats to Med Ball each legWOD 1:EMOM 9 min4 Paralettes Shoot...


Warm Up:KB Drills - Coaches CallStrength:5 TGU each hand10 Back Extensions15 minsWOD:EMOM 15 min1. 15 KB Swings2. 30 Air Squats3. 45 Shoulder Taps


9/15Warm Up:Hip Banded mobilization then:2 rounds10 Scapular Pull Ups2 gym length walking lunges15 secs Hollow HoldStrength:Back Squats...


Warm Up:Foam Roll then:1 Wall Walk plus 2 side steps each side10-15 Sec Ring Hold10 Sit Upsx3Strength:Jerk Balance 3x3Split Jerk 2x5WOD:4 rounds for...


Warm Up:Coaches CallPartner WOD:50 Power Cleans (135/95)50 Front Squats50 Shoulder to Overheadremaining time burpees - you go I go...20min AMRAP


9/11 TRIBUTE WODFor honor and respect of the fallen:Chipper Style in Teams of 3For the 343 Firefighters:100 Deadlifts 100 Power Cleans 100...


Warm Up:TTT Squat Warm Up:then:5 Bar kip swings with lat pull down10 KB Front Squats20 Lateral Hopsx3WOD:5 Power Snatch (65/95#)12 KB Swings5 Bar...


Warm Up:1 Gym length Bear Crawl3 DB Inchworms6 DB Squat Clean Thrusters1 Gym length Crab Crawlx3Strength:Clean Complex  4-5 sets for good form1...


Warm Up:Foam Roll & banded mobilitythen:10 sec contralateral plank each side10 sec single leg squat hold each side2 wall walksx3Strength:Thruster...


Warm Up:Active MobilityWOD 1:"Alberto"On the 00:00, 3 rounds: - 5 Ring Muscle-Ups / Mod. 5 Body Blasters - 10 Handstand Push-Ups / Mod. 10...


Warm Up:Job BlockSkill:1 Box Around the World5 KB or DB Rotational Snatch (each side)5 Complex of 2 sit ups to 1 deck squat4roundsLauren Fishers Core...


Warm Up:5 Hanging Knee Ups or strict K2E - slow10 Horse Stance Squats5 Banded Hollow Body Pull Downs10 Glutei Brides with Bandx3Strength:Deadlift...


Warm Up:EMOM 14 min1. 10 Ball Slams + 5 Roll Ups2. 10 Ball Slams + 10 Hollow Rocks3. 10 Ball Slams + 10 Plyo Push UpsSkill:Ring DipsWOD:15min AMRAP15...


Warm Up:Mobilizethen:5 DB Muscle Snatches (each side)5 DB OH Squats 5 DB Taters2 setsStrength:Snatch Complex1 snatch grip halting deadlift1 Squat...


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