• 6/19
  • Warm Up
  • 21 Cal Row
  • 21 PVC Thrusters 
  • 21 Squat Jumps
  • x3
  • Strength:
  • Push Press 5x5
  • WOD:
  • 24-18-12
  • Burpees over Bar
  • Hang Squat Cleans


6/18Warm Up:Coaches Call HS Practice 15minStrength:OHS 7x4WOD:15min 1 mile RunMax DU's for he rest of timeMost DU's wins


6/17Warm Up:Active Mobility then:Rowling - 250 x 3WOD:15 Pull Ups10 Ring Dips10 Snatch Balancex4Finisher:Weighted Glute Bridges 5x5Mobilize


6/15Warm Up:48 Burpees For BrandieWOD:"Kelly"30 Wall Ball30 Box Jumps (24")400m Runx5


6/14Warm Up:Core & Cardio Circuit5-7 Stations 1 min Each x2Team WOD:50 DB Push Press50 Ring Rows50 Push Ups50 Walking Lunges with DB50 Air...


6/13Warm Up:Coaches Call - drills and mobility for strengthStrength:Power Snatchwork up to heavy set of 2WOD:20 GHD Sit Ups15 DB Bench Press10 Strict...


Warm Up:25 Wall Ball200m WB Run15min AMRAPStrength:Hang Clean 5x5WOD:1 rope climb100m Row2 rope climbs200m Row3, 300 - etc...15min AMRAP


6/11Warm Up:Active Mobility then:Muscle Up Practice 15 minsStrength:Front Squat 5x5WOD:7 Romanian Deadlifts (70%1rm)7 Deadlifts21 Burpees 4RFT


Warm Up:500m Row10 ManMakersx2Strength:Bench Press 5x5WOD:'21-15-9Weighted Push UpsAnchored Weighted Sit UpsDB Thrusters


Warm Up:Games - group pickWOD:1mile run or row150 Burpee Pull Ups1mile run or row


Warm Up:Mobility - Coaches CallPartner WOD:100 DU's100 Power Cleans (135/95)100 HSPU100 Front Squats


Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Deadlift3-3-3-3-1-1-1WOD:15min AMRAP6 Pull Ups12 Burpees18 DB Front Squats


Warm Up:Jog Block30 Alt. Clean & Jerks with KB or DBx2Strength:Clean& Jerk4-4-4-4-4WOD:10min AMRAP30 DB Strict Press15 Bar Muscle Ups (mod to...


Warm Up:30' DB OH Walk (left)30' DB OH Walk (right)10 Ring Rows w 2 sec hold at top60" Double DB Walking Lunge (hang hold)rest as needed - 3...


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