• 4/17
  • "Helen"
  • 400 m Run
  • 21 KB Swings 44/35
  • 12 Pull Ups 
  • 3 RFT
  • 12min Cap

  • REST 3 MIN - then:

  • 8 Box Jumps 20/24
  • 8 SDHP 44/35
  • 3RFT


4/16Warm Up:MobilityStrength:Bench Press 12x5L Sit HoldWOD:4-5 Intervals8 Burpees over the Bar6 hang DB Snatch (each arm)4 Roll Outs2 minutes rest...


4/15Warm up:Bird DogsCrab Toe TouchesSide Hollow HoldStrength:3-4 Rounds2 gym length Sled Drag (only use legs)1 gym length Death March 5 Kneeling...


4/14Warm Up:6 min cardioTabata Sit Ups as goupStrength:Hip Thrusts 5x5WOD:1: DU's2: Goblet Step Ups3: Farmers Carry 50m4: Rest or Plank16 min EMOM


4/13Warm Up:Banded Mobility10 OHS PVC25 Jump Jacks200m Runx2Strength:OHS 6x4Partner WOD:"High 5"8 Power Cleans8 Shldr to OH5 Synchro High 5...


4/`12Warm Up:100m JogShin Box to LungeInverted Burpee to WallStrength:6-15 Weighted Push ups or Pull Ups10 Ring Face Pulls6 Parallette Shoot...


4/9Warm Up:Foam RollActive MobilityWOD:"Michael"800m Run50 Back Extensions50 Sit Ups3 RFT


4/8Warm Up:Foam RollHanging Scap CirclesPlank to Down DogShin Box RotationsStrength:Jerk Balance 3x3Split Jerk 3x3WOD:"Grip and Go!"6 DB Push Press18...


4/7Warm Up:Mobility and Plank GameStrength:3 sets:1-2 Rope Climbs5 Kipping Pull Ups w/Pause5 Heavy MB Squat Cleans w/PausePartner WOD:40 Pull Ups60 MB...


4/6Warm Up:Banded StretchesFoam Roll Wall LatsSL Glute BridgesAirplane StepsStrength:Kneeling Strict DB Press 8x4KB Swings 18x4WOD:200m Run (100x2)10...


4/5Warm Up:Coaches Call MobilityStrength:Pause Front Squat5 sets x 2 reps* @moderate weight *Perform a 3 secs PAUSE at the bottom of each squat with...


4/3Warm Up:Coaches CallSkill:Bar MUWOD:For time5 Rounds for time: - 7 Deadlifts #225/155 - 14 Box Jumps - 400m Run Time cap: 20 minutes


4/2Warm Up:Mobility - coaches callStrength:Hang Power Snatch + OH Squat5 sets for qualityWOD:20 minutes windowFor quality @sustainable pace 1 minute...


4/1Warm Up:Active MobilityStrength:EMOM 10 minTGU Hand Stand FloatersWOD:No pacing, no life' #2Minutes 1 to 4 - 30 secs Max cals Row/Assault...


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